We are an average family, or really not. We are a happily married couple with two AMAZING kids, a 9 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. Last year, we went to Sea World and Disneyland. Sounds pretty normal, average, and typical right? Well, sort of. What makes a LITTLE different is that [...]

The Sicilian festival “Sagra di Sant’Efisio” is a magnificent occasion, not to be missed during your Sicily holidays. The streets vibrate with the vivid clash of brilliantly colored costumes, and shake with the rumble of the “traccas”, gaily decorated bullock carts, which plod by heavily laden with singing peasants from nearby villages, clad in their [...]

The Martins Samento Museum is to be found near to the centre of Guimardes town on the Rua Dr A. Pimenta, housed in the former convent of Sao Domingo. It was named after the man who made his life work the excavation of the Celtic settlement at Citcinia de Briteiros. The facade has unusual semicircular [...]

With a train track length totaling 240,000km – I can tell you right now that in Europe, traveling by train is the easiest and most convenient method of travel available. Everyone there, whether they be locals or tourists see train as the preferred method of travel. The trains are very good both domestically and internationally [...]

With so many different types of motor home available, there are several things you should look out for when choosing a motor home to buy or rent. Above all, a motor home must be reliable. If you're taking your family on the trip of a lifetime, you don't want to break down and be stranded [...]

One problem many people find with camping is deciding what to do.  If you are unfamiliar with what is out there, you may come up blank when it comes time for activities.  Depending on what campsite you are visiting there are frequently many fun things you can add to your camping checklist. Also, ask your [...]

One of the most valuable accessories that you could take with you when you travel are toiletry bags. Especially when you are packing for your entire family, with many different types of toiletries, you want to avoid spills and disasters before hand. If you just follow a common sense approach to packing for your family [...]

Caribbean cruises are very popular and a often among the choices of top family vacations. There are so many kinds of cruises to choose from that will suit your family budget and needs. Before planning your trip, know beforehand how long do want your cruise to last, activities that you plan to do on board [...]

Many people want to experience a lovely getaway when they are looking to go on a family vacation or if they are going to be on their honeymoon. Finding the right spot can be a little confusing since there are many beautiful locations all around the world that millions of people travel to every single [...]

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