Rich ideas for cheap family vacations

Planning to go on vacation on a low budget? This isn’t so impossible with today’s offerings of budget travel deals. Taking your family with you? Then here are some suggestions for cheap family vacations.

First, keep informed by being on a mailing list like Travelzoo: Looking for AMAZING travel deals? Sign up for Travelzoo’s Top 20 List. This way you can get current and future deals mailed to you without trying to search them all on your own.

Plan your trip on an off-season. This way you get all the usual amenities at off-season rates. Book early; some travel agencies, airlines, hotels, resorts, and inns around the world give package deals for early bookings. While traveling with the kids, bringing your own snacks is a very good idea. The choices on the road won’t be very healthy for the kids, and you can save on expensive snacks as well. Cereals, cookies, crackers, some easy to handle fruit, and instant packs of healthy drinks are easy enough to pack.

For really cheap family vacations there is no need to leave the country or even your city or town. You could check into a hotel in your city, make like a tourist, and take a day tour. See the city with your family in a way you’ve never seen it before. This would be educational and fun for everyone. This is a creative way around vacations for the budget conscious.

An alternative would be to check for nearby campsites in your area. Camping is a fun affordable way of taking cheap family vacations.  Camping stores offer bargain prices on off season, and some give discounts on family size purchases. These camping gears are good investment if you plan to make regular camping trips with the family.

Go for a package deal. While you may be under the impression that this may be a more expensive way to go, sometimes it is even MORE expensive to book individually with flight, hotel, and car.

Use a place like Priceline to find a good deal. Save up to $325 on your Vacation Package at priceline! This way you won’t feel the pressure of committing to a price that you feel you cannot afford.

There are many ways to go about finding cheap family vacations that are rich in feeling and expression! Honestly, a few days together in a new place can do wonders for your family’s closeness. You will come home laughing and with a camera full of memories!

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