Great Family Vacations and a Famous Mouse

One of the most popular family places to go to is Disneyland. Originally a theme park with rides and attractions for tourists and fans of the Walt Disney movies, the Walt Disney Company has expanded its concept into resorts and added more rides, hotels, shopping centers and more attractions to make a visit to Disneyland one of the great family vacations ever.

California is not the only place to go to anymore in order to experience great family vacations Disneyland style. There are now Disney lands and Disney Resorts worldwide. Aside from the original Disneyland in California, there is the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, the Walt Disney Resort in Paris, the Tokyo Disney Resort, the Disneyland Resort Paris, and the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland is a very common family vacation, and most families strive to take their children at least one, but what about one of the international Disney resorts? To say that not only did you take the kids to Disneland this summer, but Disney in Tokoyo? Now that’s cool, especially if your children are not young enough to get too excited over Donald Duck anymore!

Not only for children, there are also rides suited for the bigger kids and the kid-in-you. Then there are the shows, the firework display, and the Disney Parade to keep everyone entertained. For older people, the Disney Resorts have shopping and dining, and even a spa and hotels within the complex.

For the budget conscious, there are deals and offerings to look for such as “kids fly free,” “get in at kid’s price,” and “everyone plays at kid’s price,” as well as the value season rates, the campground accommodations, value resorts, and there is a special resort for active or retired military guests and their families. The makers of all-time classic favorite cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy have truly made their parks a place for great family vacations.

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