Reasons For A Camping Fridge

When camping, many like to have enough food stored feed them for the entire camping period. In order for a camper to preserve the best taste –and freshness – of their food, the acquisition of a camping fridge can be a great idea.

Preserving perishable food maybe a little hard, and at the very least inconvenient, for campers without the help of a mini camping fridge. Although there is an option of an old fashioned cooler with ice, this is not the most convenient option. The melting ice makes a mess of the foods you want to preserve.

It is common knowledge that a poorly planned camping trip can be unpleasant. However, with the help of a portable fridge, any discomfort associated with food preservation can now be eliminated. As an added perk, if you treat it like a bar fridge, then having cold beers on hand can make a lot of other inconveniences seems a lot more trivial!  You will also be a great hit with your fellow campers.

It is important to determine the appropriate mini refrigerator for your needs in camp, to ensure you maximize the benefits of your purchase.  You can look at the very small car fridges, which are powered by your 12V DC car battery.  Be sure to consider your battery life if you go take this approach.

Another option is a compact fridge that runs on mains power.  Not all camp sites have this available, but if you frequent those campsites that do, then this will be a great option for you.  You can simply plug in your fridge and forget about it!

A final option is the 3-way fridge. These will run on 12V, mains, or propane.  There are some drawbacks to efficiency when using one of these very flexible devices, but the versatility they offer may be worth it to you.

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